Monday, 4 June 2012

A tiring week for the Racecourse

Sorry for the long time with no contact! It's been a busy week for us at the Racecourse with racing over the weekend! Last week and this week has officially merged into one with Family Fun Day on Sunday and racing again on Wednesday and there is so much to tell you.....

We had our staff night out last Thursday which was great for the team to interact and chill out after a busy spell of racing and to gear us all up for another one..I will admit not so great waking up 3 hours after going to bed to get ready for work, but it's a rare occasion and we all deserved it. Friday by all accounts was a more subdued affair with bacon rolls being summoned at 10.00am in order to get us through the day, plus plenty of coffee (tea for me as i don't drink the strong stuff).

After getting through a to do list as long as an A4 piece of paper we all call it a day and head home for a day off before having to be back at 7.00am on Sunday!

I have to admit waking up on Sunday morning and seeing the rain didn't fill me with hope for the day but as they say, the show must go on! With a few hiccups such as the usual internet not working, things not turning up and a quick change around of where to put the entertainment due to the horrific weather we were all set! The day did not get any drier, nor did the racecourse team who all looked damp and frizzy (the girls anyway) but we got through it with smiles on our faces. The race-goers looked like they had a great time despite the weather and I am grateful for their support as I can appreciate how easy it would have been to have a day in bed in the warm!

Waking up this morning i remember thinking well thats typical, blue skies! Sitting here writing this blog its still blue skies and i am still thinking the same thing! I popped into work to get a few bits done for racing this morning and had a much needed gym session and I will be back in to work tomorrow morning to check the buildings are set and ready for Wednesdays Race Meeting, so certainly no time to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee this weekend.

I do however hope that you are all enjoying the long Bank Holiday and making the most out of all the street parties and that the weather stays dry for you all... if you are in Nottingham on Wednesday make sure you pop in and say hi when the gates open at midday and we race again :-)

Speak soon

xoxo The Commercial Boss

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