Monday, 21 May 2012

The Exciting First Post

So my first post on a blog! I want to write something that people will be interested in and people want to read every time i post a 'blog' so fingers crossed it works..

I have been working at the racecourse for 2 and a half years now but have taken over as Commercial Manager since February this year. Its a huge challenge as there is so much to think about when leading the Commercial Team, such as the sales for Conferencing, Hospitality, Sponsorship and the endless Advertising Opportunities that we can offer.

Now I dont want this to be a sales pitch but sales are in my blood, and i can always turn something to a positive and try and sell it...i think thats called being in the right job. I havent always been in the 'right' job whatever that may be, but was lucky to be given the opportunity as a Sales Executive at the course when i moved up from Taunton in September 2009.

We host a large array of events, from conferences, training, seminars, dinners and weddings! What a beautiful place to get married......(see, just cannot stop selling) and i was responsible for the pro-active selling and the organising of events. That suited me perfectly as i am possibly the most organised lady you will ever meet and i think the team will agree if you ask them??

My main role now is to oversee the sales team and to sell advertising and sponsorship and do all the marketing for the course...yes this is a lot of work but I love every minute of it and love the guys in the office. They always keep me occupied and provide me with laughs throughout the day! I will often come in to work with a 'great' idea that needs reigning in or tweaking so its actually possible which is where our Ops Manager lends a hand as she has been there 20 years so can help make my ideas a reality. We are only an office of 4 so we have to work together to provide the very best results.

I hope that this provides you with a snap shot of what we do at Nottingham Racecourse and what we have to offer and that you keep following me for some entertaining posts on all the gossip behind the scenes that no one gets to see....

Racing tomorrow so in for 7am! Going to be a long day but will be worth it once the gates open and the racing starts!

Speak soon

xoxo The Commercial Boss

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